About the Author:

As a young girl, Sarah Hanley-Butler’s mother taught her to replace boredom with imagining and to follow her dreams. As a mother herself now, Sarah is excited to share this story based on believing in yourself and living your passion ‒ traits she hopes to pass onto her own children as well as to others who might read her work.

She chose to self-publish In the Beginning – A Christmas Tale so that she could be involved in every detail of the book’s production, including choosing an illustrator with the ability to capture the elves as she sees them, so that she can share her personal vision with all of you.

The Illustrations were completed by Jon Lopes, who worked endlessly to provide Sarah with beautifully hand drawn productions.

Sarah enjoys script writing and is the owner/manager of SHB Stories. She is involved in music video production, talent promotion, and other creative endeavours.